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Hello World

Traditionally, every programming guide begins with an introduction to Your First Program™: the “Hello, World!” program. This post is basically the equivalent of that: commemorating my foray into the world of blogging.

To be honest, my Time to Hello World is something like eight months: I first started drafting this site in my head around April 2019, when I got bored while studying for my finals.

Since then, I have worked on this site on and off, tweaking the theme incessantly and obsessing over unnecessary details. In other words: I had too much fun messing with my tech stack, and did not actually post anything (the whole point of a blog).

I am a little nervous about creating a blog, and especially tying it to my identity, but I hope that publishing this first post will “get the ball rolling” and make future posts easier.

Thanks for visiting, and please enjoy your stay. 😄

– Christopher Ng