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I’m Christopher Ng, a born and bred Singaporean. Currently, I am an undergraduate at NTU Singapore, working towards my bachelor’s in computer science. I enjoy what I study, and am particularly interested in cyber security.

Previously, I went on overseas exchange to ETH Zurich, Switzerland, from September 2019 to February 2020. Subsequently, I spent the next five months as an information security intern in Singapore Airlines.

In my free time, I like to tinker with technology. Some of my personal side projects include:

  • Hosting a personal RSS feed reader, Nextcloud, and various other services on a virtual private server, using Docker.
  • Creating some simple Android (Java) and Windows (.NET, WinForms/WPF) applications, for personal/family use.
  • Exploring newer programming languages. In particular, I am quite interested in:
    • Rust, for unique way of handling memory safety in a low-level language.
    • Go, for its way of handling asynchronous programming (green threads, aka goroutines).
  • This blog 😉

I also enjoy reading novels, playing computer games (especially CRPGs) and practising target archery.

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This blog was built using Hugo, a static site generator. The theme is all mine, and was inspired by Mitesh’s Sakura CSS theme (license). I have also used Nicolas and Jonathan’s normalize.css, so I do not have to worry about layouts differing across browsers/devices (license).